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  • We needed a family vacation and hired Holiday Travel and they exceed our expectations. Beginning with the flight,transfer and the hotel in Cabo San Lucas was excellent! If you have to travel anywhere in the world, they include airline tickets, transfers, hotel and activities.
    Julia Hernandez
  • In Los Angeles, Holiday travel is our travel agency they are very friendly, helpful and professional. On our last trip to Hawaii, we had a family group of 10 people, including two seniors and their commitment and professionalism made me enjoy this adventure. Thank you for making our trip a pleasant experience.
    Anita Cruz
  • We just returned from a week Tour of the most beautiful attractions of Guatemala. Everything was marvel, the journey of our lives. John was our guide, he kept our tour organized, on time, happy and energized. Thanks Holiday Travel and John, for all your help.
    Idalia Gómez
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